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Dr. Woods Facial Cleanser - Tea Tree - 8 oz

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Dr. Woods Facial Cleanser - Tea Tree - 8 oz Naturals Oily / Combination Skin Anti-Oxidant Formula 100% Natural 100% Vegan Prevents Excess Oil Heals Blemishes Regenerates Skin Cells Neutralizes Free Radicals Discover The Age-Defying Power of Anti-Oxidants and Botanicals If you have oily skin or blemishes this is the facial cleanser for you. Our Tea Tree formulation absorbs excess oil and rejuvenates facial cells leaving your skin with a healthy radiant glow. Tea Tree Oil - wonderful natural oily skin treatment that will declog and shrink pores as well as heal blemishes. It helps to absorb excess oil and to calm skin cells over-production of oil. Gamma Tocopherol - the most potent form of anti-oxidant Vitamin E to nourish skin repair and neutralize free radicals. Allantoin - effective anti-aging skin care ingredients which speeds healing and promotes healthy cell renewal. Botanical Extracts - Tea Tree Oil Rosemary Allantoin and Aloe Vera combine to soothe nourish and condition skin cells.