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All Terrain Recovery Rub - 3 oz

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All Terrain Recovery Rub - 3 oz All Terrain Recovery Rub is a first aid pain relieving cream to relieve aches and pains from arthritis backache sore muscles sprains strains and bruises. It is also great for loosening up before exercise or activity to help prevent injury. Using menthol and arnica Recovery Rub is highly effective with cinnamon sweet almond oil and sweet clover to balance the menthol. "Soothe sore muscles with this cooling salve. It's made with arnica a natural anti-inflammatory shea butter and olive oil. Bonus: It's not greasy and doesn't have a strong smell like Ben-Gay" -Tennis Magazine "Sore and suffering after a long day? Flush away the pain and restore your mojo...All Terrain Recovery Rub made from arnica and kava kava delivers relief to aching joints." -Outside Magazine