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Nubian Heritage Lotion - Lavender and Wildflower - 13 oz

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Nubian Heritage Lotion - Lavender and Wildflower - 13 oz Nubian Heritage Lavender and Wildflowers Lotion is made with certified organic ingredients. Nubian Heritage Lavender and Wildflowers Lotion contains hydrating healing and calming properties with Vitamin E. Nubian Heritage Lavender and Wildflowers Lotion is never tested on animals. In the modern day revival of the healing arts Lavender is the most versatile aromatic plant especially as an essential oil. Lavender has traditionally been used to treat all types of skin due to its antibacterial anti-inflammatory antiseptic rejuvenating soothing and deodorizing effects. Nubian Heritagea s Lavender and Wildflowers infusion calms or stimulates the body and mind according to individual needs. The line is formulated with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to balance and condition skin refresh tired muscles prevent body cell deterioration and appeal to the senses. Key Ingredients: Shea Butter Vitamin E Lavender Wildflowers Benefits: This line balances and conditions the skin refreshes tired muscles and appeals to the senses. Usage: All skin types Natural Aroma: Relaxing Sweet floral herbal Nubian Heritage's natural herbal and aromatic recipes help to bring balance to the body physically emotionally and spiritually. Nubian Heritage's natural ingredients and our customized fragrance profiles are designed to bring balance into our lives balance is what Nubian Heritage believes is at the root of all healing and Nubian Heritage delivers healing benefits through creating and establishing balance and harmony. Nubian Heritage is a healing brand. Nubian Heritage heals different kinds of skin ailments and complications. Nubian Heritage collections are designed to target and heal the conditions at the root of skin ailments both through knowledge of natural ingredients and natural fragrance formulations that deliver aromatic healing benefits to: Acne Prone Skin Combination Skin Delicate Skin Dry Skin Normal to Dry Skin Oily