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Nubian Heritage Lotion - Lemongrass and Tea Tree - 13 oz

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Nubian Heritage Lotion - Lemongrass and Tea Tree - 13 oz For generations Lemongrass with its strong sweet lemony aroma has been used in purification rituals and to promote psychic awareness. Steam-distilled Madagascan lemongrass has a string history of medicinal use in the West Indies Africa and South America. Tea Tree Oil's remarkable anit-bacterial and healing properties long used to alleviate skin problems are a perfect complement to the powerful anti-imflammatory properties of Lemongrass. This light non greasy Shea Butter lotion blends deodorant Lemongrass known to help relieve stress anit-bacterial Tea Tree Oil to heal and restore moisture to dry skin and orange extract to help revive wrinkles with emoilent vegetable butters and plant oils. Sunflower oil rich in Vitamin A B B D and F have been added to nourish and protect the skin restoring elasticity.