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Tahiti Trader Nopal Slim Juice - 32 fl oz

Tahiti Trader

Tahiti Trader Nopal Slim Juice - 32 fl oz

$ 55.30 $ 59.33

Tahiti Trader Nopal Slim Juice - 32 fl oz Nopal Slim(tm) with Raspberry Ketones Noni and Green Tea Fat Burning - Weight Management and Healthy Blood Sugar Formula Nopal Slim (TM) is a delicious tasting high performance liquid nutritional supplement designed to promote Fat Burning while maintaining lean muscle promote healthy blood sugar levels and increase energy and stamina. Nopal Slim(TM) improves your ability to metabolize fat and breakdown of stored fat cells for energy helps detoxify the body and reduce inflammation. Improve your lifestyle naturally with a safe and healthy supplement. Nopal Slim (TM) is formulated with Potent Natural Ingredients...You Can feel!!! Nopal - (Prickly Pear Cactus Juice) works naturally to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Raspberry Ketones - Stimulates the release of Adiponectin a protein that will turn on your Fat Burning Switch to convert Fats into energy when exercising. Noni Juice - Works to release Serotonin the feel good chemical to boost your mood and increase your energy! Green Tea Extract - Releases a burst of natural energy together with natural antioxidants while promoting a healthy heart.

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