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Stash Tea English Brkfast (6x20BAG ) Stash Tea English Brkfast (6x20BAG )

Stash Tea

Stash Tea English Brkfast (6x20BAG ) Stash Tea English Brkfast (6x20BAG )

$ 39.57

Stash Tea English Brkfast (6x20BAG ) Stash Tea English Brkfast (6x20BAG ) Our English Breakfast Tea combines top-quality black teas from premier tea gardens. We blend bright Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka malty Assam and smooth Nilgiri from India and full-bodied Keemun from China. The result is a very distinctive rich tea. It takes milk and sugar very well. This stimulating tea is the perfect morning wake-up drink. There are many differing stories regarding the origin of English Breakfast Tea. One is that the prototype for English Breakfast was developed in Edinburgh over a hundred years ago by the Scottish Tea Master Drysdale. It was marketed simply as Breakfast Tea and become popular in England due to the craze Queen Victoria created for all things Scottish. Tea shops in London however changed the name and sold it as English Breakfast Tea . Another account claims that the blend now known as English Breakfast originated not in England but in America as far back as Colonial times. Colonials perhaps suffering from homesickness dubbed the blend of black tea customarily enjoyed in Britain English Breakfast out of nostalgia. Whatever the case English Breakfast has made its mark in tea history and along with Irish Breakfast is one of the most famous blended teas.

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